“all must be done well and with business way” (Liber AL III:41)

Some place in Oregon could be a future Monte Verite.

Monte Verite was a visionary community in Ascona Switzerland Pre-WW2 that promoted natural living, free love, spiritual practices, art, and social experimentation.

It inspired writers like Herman Hesse to create the works they did.

It also happened to be a place that hosted Aleister Crowley’s Gnostic Mass.

At a certain point, all visionary communities need a Sanctum Sanctorum rooted in Terra Firma that is grounded, rooted, and impenetrable.

It comes down to commitment, coherence, and cohesive community with…

On Building a War Engine III

In the past several years I’ve heard people use the word “Gatekeeping” as a form of moral censure when it comes to communities of practice.

The underlying moral position is that there should be no barriers to knowledge and that egalitarianism is virtuous.

Here’s the deal, gatekeeping is not a bug in successful communities of practice, it’s a feature.

I dare anyone to come up with one example of one system of masterful achievement from a Top Tier Engineering Program, to a Medical School, to the Navy Seals that doesn’t involve some form of…

“I recall the famous story of King Vishvamitra, who, through a thousand years of self-torments, acquired such a feeling of power and faith in his own capabilities that he committed himself to building a new heaven…

Everyone who at some time or another has built a ‘new heaven,’ found the power to do that first in his own hell.”

(Nietszche: On the Genology of Morals)

Odin hanging 9 days on the WorldTree to gain the magick power of the runes and Shiva burning himself up in the ascetic fires of yogic self-discipline to gain the power to create a new…

“There is a vile threat to the “rugged American individualism” that actually created the U.S.A. by the bureaucratic crowd who want society to be a convict prison. “Safety first” — there is no “social insecurity,” no fear for the future, no anxiety about what to do next — in Sing Sing. All the totalitarian schemes add up to the same in the end.”

(Aleister Crowley’s commentary on Liber Oz)

In a lockdown world, the only liberty will likely exist on private property in communities outside cities away from the prying eyes of busybodies.

We’ve become a moralizing busy body nation…

If you look at Dune’s timeline modernity hasn’t been sidestepped, it’s been transcended. They passed through the ultimate expression of modernity which was the Rule of Machines and the Technocrats in charge of them to create a new Postmodern synthesis.

Jehanne Butler’s forced abortion by AI because of a population management algorithm is an archetypal example of modernity rooted in the ideals of rational technocratic progress.

Dune shows a future that has passed through technocratic modernity, found it wanting because it negated human agency, and created new syntheses that yoke the ancient to the trans modern.

In that regard, it…

“The alternative to the Great Work is the hotchpot of dispersion, of fatuity, or disconnected nonsense.

To the performance of this Work, the nearest obstacle and the most obvious is the Family. Its presumption is manifest, in that it expects everybody to yield its first priority.” (Crowley, Magick Without Tears, 52)

Most families are Egregores or collective thought forms that have an addictive historical pull. That want at all costs to perpetuate their historical habit and comfort zones, not promote the novel emergence of unique distinction.

This is why Crowley says most families are enemy #1 of the Great Work…

“Herbert was a quintessential product of the libertarian culture of the Pacific coast, self-reliant and distrustful of centralized authority, yet with a mile-wide streak of utopian futurism and a concomitant willingness to experiment.”

That’s the culture I was raised on here in Oregon and it’s light-years from the smokescreen of Woke Inc being pushed by today’s technocratic corporate overlords and the nanny state they are allied with. This vision keeps us from our power, true community solidarity and adaptive resilience

There are regional roots to visions of the future. Just as UK Leguin’s work owes a deep alliance to the…

As we go deeper into the Anthropocene and the overdrawn human population rubs ups against the planet it will be another virus, another mutation, another climate crisis, another drought, another catastrophe…

and the planet’s rulers, their technocrat enablers and propaganda priests only know one speed…Control.

For the “good of the vulnerable,” “for the wellbeing of the community,”” for the benefit of the collective.”

And this is followed by the shaming, and the blaming, and the cajoling in the new civic secular religion that is the only glue holding together a society running on late imperial fumes and undergird by the…


The quintessence is formulated through the subtle and skillful equilibration of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire in that order.

The path of the arrow is a straight shot from the moon to the sun by way of the artful alchemical Union of Opposites.

Building Pyramids is hard, and the City of Pyramids is not easily attained.

One must perfect the pyramid and cast oneself forth from that perfection into the unknown by way of surrendering every last drop into the Cup of the Great Sea. (May 20, 2021)


There is a certain ruthlessness to…

“Either slain thou shalt gain heaven or Conquering thou shalt enjoy the earth. Therefore arise, son of Kunti, Unto battle, making a firm resolve. Holding pleasure and pain alike, Gain and loss, victory, and defeat, Then gird thyself for battle … Disciplined with which mental attitude, son of Prtha, Thou shalt get rid of the bondage of action.”

(Krishan to Arjuna, Bhagavad Gita)

“Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance. I shall deal hardly with them.” (Ra Hoor Khuit, Liber Al Vel Legis 3:3)

The Greek and Indian warrior classes both…

Mark Thomas Shekoyan

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