A Shamanic Vision

And Odin opened his book of knowledge and I was launched into the vastness of the cosmos.

I saw the vast stretches of the infinite universe woven with fibers of cosmic intelligence, each star a point of a fire in a vast network of the cosmic mind.

And then like powers of 10, I was launched upward seeing that vastness as only one point among infinite points. as I expanded further back these became a single eye.

And as I expanded further back, that single eye, was one eye in a bejeweled infinite mother spider weaving the cosmos from filaments of light and darkness into a vast fractal web that is the holographic multidimensional multiverse.

Webs woven of webs in holographic, fractal patterns of symmetry and chaos, creation and destruction, Super Novas and Black Holes are all Gods themselves in the Body of the Spider Goddess.

And as I came back down through the powers of ten into my body into his vast library, Odin looked across the desk to me, smirked, and Winked with his one eye and said, “I can show you a lot more.”




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