Ayahuasca Lessons 1–3, Ceremony April 13, 2013

Ayahuasca Lesson 1: Creation is a pulsing bejeweled tapestry of color, energy and light woven together in a serpentine spiral like DNA through sound which is the music of prime creator. Physical DNA is the lower octave vibrational correspondence to a higher order DNA of light and sound which is the primal codon of the very fabric of creation which can be spun and altered through focused sound and light. The logos is amenable to humor. To Create Beauty is Loves Victory. The Dark Discordant Sounds Add Texture and Richness to The Symphony if Woven Into the Fabric With Skill and Intelligence. To Create Subtle and Deep Beauty is Loves Victory.

Ayahuasca Lesson2: We are each and everyone a facet of the Logos carrying a primal seed of the original Word that speaks creation into being with each cosmic breath.The Magician and Shaman learns first to listen and tune themselves to the First Sound. It all begins in Dance Music and Rhythm. To Heal and Transform first learn to listen to that Sound and then dance to it. Help others remember who have forgotten by listening to the pulse and weaving with speech, writing painting or whatever your gift is to make the tapestry of being simultaneously more simple and complex. Evolve. Creation is Sexy and the Great Mother behind it is Pure Love Pure Intelligence Pure Awareness.

Ayahuasca Lesson3: Creation is a grand experiment initiated for the sake of both Love and Curiosity. “For I am divided for Loves Sake” so that each evolving spiral brings something new and fascinating into being that when artfully woven into the whole adds new levels of learning for the entire multiverse coming to know itself in new ways. Knowing, growing, evolving, becoming, dying, and rebirthing. There is no final death. The body is an outfit the soul wears to the party called life. We can wear as many outfits to as many parties as we want, and if we pay attention the party gets better every time.