On Building a War Engine I

“There is a vile threat to the “rugged American individualism” that actually created the U.S.A. by the bureaucratic crowd who want society to be a convict prison. “Safety first” — there is no “social insecurity,” no fear for the future, no anxiety about what to do next — in Sing Sing. All the totalitarian schemes add up to the same in the end.”

(Aleister Crowley’s commentary on Liber Oz)

In a lockdown world, the only liberty will likely exist on private property in communities outside cities away from the prying eyes of busybodies.

We’ve become a moralizing busy body nation in a moralizing busy body world all underneath the ideological banner of the “Common good” and not being “Selfish.”

The ability to carve out your own way of life and live it on your terms with your chosen people is at the root of the founding of this country.

Valuing property ownership, self-sovereignty, and minding your own business used to be American virtues buy now they are considered by many to be vices, “privileges” and “selfish” and there is a reason for this.

These values make you self-reliant and thus a threat to the consumer machine and its ideology of woke that wants to decenter you and make you a pawn of someone else’s agendas.

A Thelemite must claim their power “Selfishly” and unapologetically to build their base of strength and ignore anyone that would pull them from that center.

We are immune to “Deplatforming,” we are immune to being “Decentered,” we ignore anyone who uses “Selfish” as a slight.

Selfishness and the Will to Power if rooted in the True Will are supreme virtues in Thelema.

This is not your grandmother’s Judeo-Christian value set.

We get super centered up, build platforms, and fight tooth and nail to make them stronger.

This is a war for gnostic freedom and we are in this fight to win.

“Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!” AL III:46