A Future Monte Verite

Mark Thomas Shekoyan
1 min readSep 18, 2021

“all must be done well and with business way” (Liber AL III:41)

Some place in Oregon could be a future Monte Verite.

Monte Verite was a visionary community in Ascona Switzerland Pre-WW2 that promoted natural living, free love, spiritual practices, art, and social experimentation.

It inspired writers like Herman Hesse to create the works they did.

It also happened to be a place that hosted Aleister Crowley’s Gnostic Mass.

At a certain point, all visionary communities need a Sanctum Sanctorum rooted in Terra Firma that is grounded, rooted, and impenetrable.

It comes down to commitment, coherence, and cohesive community with common ideals and practices, but most importantly it comes down to ownership of:


If the smallest Fundamentalist Christian Churches can secure property in rural Oregon to build compounds to promote their ideals, why can’t unapologetic and unconflicted Thelemites?

Oregon has long been a host to visionary and alternative communities from the early Christian communities in Aurora Oregon, to Rajneeshpuram.

We have a record of their successes and mistakes and if we’re smart we’ll learn from history.

First, you need to get over being conflicted about the Thelemic message, unite with others who are not conflicted, be willing to put material skin in the game, and then continue to work at building on that base.

Financial self-discipline and the capacity to ground your ideas in property is no different than bringing magic down to earth in the material basis of a Talisman.

It’s just a matter of scale.