Juggling on the Ride

Mark Thomas Shekoyan
1 min readMay 15, 2023

“Laughter is a sublimated orgasm.” (Aleister Crowley)

There’s the world of enchantment that the mage unveils from within their heart and mind’s eye and then there is the external world of appearances, limits and superficial values.

The trick is to stay engaged with the default world, while never letting it consume your highest dreams and visions as you work to make them a reality.

It’s a constant balancing act, and that’s why the magician was also called the “Juggler” in the Tarot.

The wand, the cup, the dagger, the disk, Fire — Creative Will, Water — Emotion, Air — Intellect and Earth — Material Reality, these are the forces once constantly juggles to bring the world, or one’s piece of it, more in accord with one’s True Will.

Juggling what could be with what is, ones hopes and dreams, with one’s current reality is a constant process.

The key is to keep at it, have fun, and keep laughing, because as comedian Bill Hicks (RIP) says, “It’s just a ride.”