Lucky 13

Mark Thomas Shekoyan
1 min readFeb 28, 2023

I’ve always been more drawn to ecstatic, shamanic, and witchy magick rooted deeply in the principles of nature.

Though I’ve done a very deep dive into Ceremonial and Masonic-style magick and know its strengths and weaknesses, my passion is, and will always be Witchcraft.

13 is the number of the witch’s coven: 12 members, and the Devil.

And who is the “Devil?”

Capricorn gets mapped to Pan, Baphomet, and the Devil but these are just words.

The adversary’s spirit ultimately represents rebellious, unbridled freedom and power attuned to cosmic principles beyond the confines of mankind’s limits, authority structures, and moralistic conceptions of “Good and Evil.”

Here the spiritual and material integrate and opposites are equilibrated.

Here freedom is carved out of the unknown outside the limits and restrictions of those who cling to the given.

If you want to understand the “All” of Pan that gets scapegoated as the “Devil” you’ve got to go all the way in your climb and descent and be comfortable in the wild solitude of the infinite.