Metaphysics and Sacred Kingship

Mark Thomas Shekoyan
1 min readOct 19, 2022

Politics is the attempt to instantiate one’s values which are ultimately rooted in what you believe.

If you ladder up the chain:






You find that conscious or not, one’s metaphysics is the root cause of one’s actions.

This is why no amount of rational argument at the level of beliefs, or values ultimately dislodges a person from their actions.

One’s metaphysics is very deep and mostly unconscious.

You need potent medicine to become lucidly aware of one’s metaphysics and rigorous self-discipline to base one’s actions around said awareness.

To do so is to “Structuralize” one’s life around a determining and purposeful metaphysic and to have one’s every thought, word, and deed serve a higher-order intention.

This is the True meaning of “Sacred Kingship.”

The one most worthy to be “King” most vigorously serves the highest ideal and has most rigorously yoked his entire being to that ideal.