Principles of the New Transgression

Countercultures have always been based on transgression vis a vis the values and institutions of the dominant culture.

Which begs the question what happens when the dominant culture metabolizes the ideals and practices of the counterculture?

What’s the meaning of Transgression when “Transgression” is the new normal?

When the Corporate Woke Industrial War Propaganda complex has leaders flocking to Burning Man to gobble up psychedelics and party in the Orgy dome, you know the axis of Transgression has shifted.

When these “Visionaries” create the next digital tools that will entrap the masses in the Metaverses’ all-knowing Panopticon, while calling for War abroad while they war on us all domestically, there’s a different kind of transgression required.

The new transgression involves the resurgence of things that were not so transgressive back in the day.

1.) Self-Discipline

2.) Delayed Gratification

3.) Moderation if not Straight Edge Self Purification

4.) Avoiding the Collective and its Thought Forms

5.) Exploring the Opposite POV of whatever is being force-fed in the info-sphere.

6.) Increased Self-Sovereignty and Independence

7.) Fidelity and Loyalty to an Ideal that sublimates comfort and pleasure to a higher end.

8.) Embracing hardships and difficulty

9.) Ignoring the constant cultural siren that holds “Convenience, safety, and security” as the highest values.

10.) Spending as much time as possible in Wild, untamed spaces.

11.) Persisting even if you get Zero “Likes” or social media followers.

I don’t believe these 11 strategies will ever be embraced en-masse, but the counterculture was never a mass movement.

The “few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.”



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