Thelemic Witchcraft is Rhizomatic in nature.

Mark Thomas Shekoyan
1 min readDec 4, 2022

Like the networked meshwork of the mycelial web that connects the trees and organisms of the forest, it weaves spiral threads of enchantment in the interface between the 93 Current and the natural world.

Just like the mycelial web, it interfaces with existing structures but is never bound by them.

It creates its own deterritorialized anarch spaces for novel innovation beyond striated arboreal systems.

It interfaces with arborescent organisms in a mutually symbiotic way but has its own Daemonic mission that includes, and transcends them.

Its animistic essence is relational and enchanted to the core.

Its deeply aligned and rooted connection to place is the source of its power.

Always vital, ever creative, and ruthlessly pragmatic, it seeks out new evolutionary niches for Magick to survive and thrive in an apocalyptic world.

Thelemic Witchcraft is always other, outside, heretical, fey, and rebellious.

Its very nature is disobedient.

Outlaw transgression is its means of expression.

This is Baphomet’s Wyrd.